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You have a few choices. You can click here for our old fan site.

Or, check out our new fan site, It's got some juicy stuff, trust me (like two never before seen photos of her that will blow your mind). It's up to you.

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Dear vistor and Wendys girl fan,

My name is Roy and I'm a HUGE fan of the Wendy's girl.
Not only have I created one fan site, I've created two, and a popular Facebook page. If you've made it this far, you probably got bored with the rigmarole above and you were curious about what was down here.

Well, as you can see, I've got a cornball looking ad above that's all about how I work from home. Does it look "scammy" and gimmicky? I can promise you, it's not. If you click that little banner above with my face on it, you won't regret reading the information I'm revealing.

Anyway, if you don't click above, you're not going to make it to our new site @ We have some great photos of Morgan Smith Goodwin we've provided that anyone can look at if they follow basic instructions. We do our best. I know it's irritating that you've landed here and not our newest site, but we can't control how Bing, Yahoo and Google rank our sites. For whatever reason, our newer site is not ranked as high as this one. In addition to that, there's a ton of stupid junk ahead of both of our sites that don't tell you anything you want to know about Morgan Smith. At least WE make an effort to give you what you want.

The reason you have to click above to get to our main site involves a complication with our hosting provider. We are unable to combine both of our current sites into one site, so we have to redirect traffic using the above method. Yes, it's clunky. Yes, it irritates some people. Yes, we get some nasty emails from time to time. But there's really nothing we can do.

Our job is to get you to the Wendy's girl information as best we can and as efficiently as we can. Now you have to understand, hosting costs us money. To provide these websites costs us money. We don't have the means or ability to spend thousands creating a super uber-duper site that will bring in traffic from all sources and please everyone. Yes, we get a few bucks from advertising, but it's not much. We also do our best to provide good advertising that you might actually be interested. If you look closely, our sites have some interesting advertising offers that even *we* have used to great benefit for ourselves.

We also have to deal with Google's bizarre algorithms that place incredibly stupid blogs and dumb news sites above our sites and other authority sites in the search rankings. You probably got here by scrolling down the the Google search results, because for some stupid reason our sites are not listed in the number one position. There's a bunch of other crap there, some stupid blogs and stupid "news" sites that look totally phony. We have no idea how that garbage gets up there, but there's not much we can do.

If you think about it, there are tons of great sites that don't get enough attention. Tons of great sites that the search engines ignore in favor of stupid sites no one likes, like Radaronline, the dumbest site I've ever seen.

Thank you for your understanding.

Site admin

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